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Self-propelled:Successful baseline ILI project completed by IP Pipeline Technology
TIME : 2021-09-23 14:14:45
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Before the new pipeline was put into operation, the in-line inspection tool had no forward driving force because there was no medium in the pipeline. At present, the detection of pipelines before commissioning mainly relies on air or water as power, which will increase the cost. Moreover, due to the compressibility of air, the operation of the inspection tool is unstable, so that the accuracy of the detection result cannot be guaranteed. The team led by Professor Yang Lijian of Shenyang University of Technology has successfully developed an in-line inspection tool that does not need to be driven by the medium in the pipeline and can realize automatic propulsion.

IP Pipeline Technology is the market-oriented window of Shenyang University of Technology. It is a company responsible for marketing, project implementation, data analysis and issuing inspection reports in the global market. Recently, IP Pipeline Technology completed a baseline inspection project using the new technology of Shenyang University of Technology.

Project overview: The diameter of the Ripuluo crude oil pipeline is 762mm, and the total length of the Xinxiang-Puyang section is 150km. The self-propelled tool successfully reached Puyang Station after 36 hours of smooth operation. It has been verified that the tool runs smoothly, the speed is stable at about 1.16m/s during the entire operation, and there is no stall or speed instability.


“The reason why it can run steadily is that the tool is equipped with an intelligent power management system and a travel control system, which can reasonably allocate power control methods according to the running status of the tool, ensuring high-speed and stable operation in a straight pipeline. When going uphill, the tool is controlled to decelerate and run, and the instantaneous power is increased to increase the climbing ability. When going downhill, the motor is switched to the power generation state, the battery is charged by the downhill power, and the electric brake function is performed in the power generation state to ensure Running at a constant speed under downhill conditions.”Professor Yang Lijian said.

Fred Lee, the CEO of IP pipeline technology, said. “This time the tool is equipped with Caliper sensors, IMU and video recorder. The tool can also be equipped with crack detection probes and stress detection probes according to customer requirements to achieve various functions of detection.” 

In summary, the self-propelled technology greatly reduces the implementation cost of baseline inspection projects and provides a new and safer inspection method. IP pipeline technology hopes to provide more reliable baseline inspection solutions for global clients in future projects.